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International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State

Dr. Andrew Moulden Memorial Service (by family):
Saturday November 16th 2013 2pm at St. Johns United in Wiarton, Ontario

Sad news on Dr Andrew Moulden's Facebook Page page:

"For those of you who don't know, My Brother Drew J Moulden passed away earlier this week.
He was a wonderful person, brother and a Brilliant Doctor and he will be missed by us all.
We had our own connection and we just spoke weeks ago when I was in ICU here in Calgary ...I Love you Drew and you know you'll always have a place in my Heart xoxo
Your Sis

(Passed on Monday November 4th 2013)

Doctor Andrew Moulden MA Doctor of Medicine PhD (DAM MAD)
M.A.I.A.M.Mohammad Ahmad Imam Al-Mahdi – Hidden revealed
Dr. Moulden’s Great Grandfather (and Family name):
Abdullah Messiah (from DAMascus, Syria)

Dr Moulden’ Story is YOUR story – the only Way to help.
So Lets tell it the Straight Way to Truth. You decide.

What Happened to Dr Andrew Moulden (aka. Dr Mohammad Ahmad Mahdi) – he disappeared??

Where is Dr Andrew Moulden? Has he ‘switched’ sides? Does he now believe that all vaccines are safe and effective? He said that he would help us fix (CURE) these neurodevelopmental (e.g. Autism, Aspergers…) and neurodegenerative (e.g. Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s…) illnesses…and ALL Disease?!! Was he lying? Is he really a Quack? Did he just sell us a story to sell us DVD’s and make money off us to line his own pockets? Is he mentally deranged? Is he a thief? Is he a real Doctor? They said he is a False grandiose Prophet, for profit, and to steer clear of him and his message. Some said he does not even have a medical degree? Some have said he is a ‘used car salesman’, slick, and a scam artist?’

Many have asked questions over the past two years as Dr. Andrew Moulden disappeared. I remain curious as to why people place more emphasis on knowing the man, I am just a man, than the message. Surely shooting the messenger neither negates nor affirms his message? Is the message not more important than the messenger? I am no angel. I am much worse than that. I am a physician. Worse still? I am a physician that thinks he knows some truth that no one else does that affects you…ALL of you. All 7 billion beings on planet earth….and your pets. I am anything you want to believe, but I am just a man no different than any one of you.

There is no compulsion in science, belief, faith, religion, or politics. You can believe and choose what you want. You may listen, or listen not. You may think, or think not. You may learn something new, or learn not. It is your life. You have freedom of choice. You have freedom of will. When science is wielded for profit, the distinction between truth, fiction, faith, belief, and practices becomes a religion we do not challenge as we are comfortable with the beliefs we have already – they work. What if everything you held to be true was a lie – and you could learn that lie for yourself and find a better way? Are you interested? If you are sick, or have become sick, then you have been touched by a lie, that only you can determine if the lie is good or bad for you. I will expose lies, present truth, you will decide. I will be merciless with truth. I am about to barn burn all that you thought you knew…ALL.

Teaching Stopped in 2010:

As many know, I officially quit my medical career in 2007. I did this in order to travel around North America to do research into vaccine safety and to present my research on vaccine safety across Canada and the United States. I only spoke the truth. I was not well received. I only tried to help you save yourselves from where you are right now…Harms way, you ARE in it. It IS in ALL of you. Like a ticking bomb, it is about to go off.

Where have I been? In 2010-11 I returned to my PhD training to complete a full year accredited Clinical Neuropsychology internship at the Baycrest Center for Geriatric Care in Toronto. During this time I also taught a University course on Health Medicine at York University in Toronto. I stopped talking about my research and vaccines. (FYI from this point forward of I say ‘FIRE’ know I mean ‘VACCINATION’, as I find this ‘V’ word repugnant)/

The Public Health Department advocated that I NOT be allowed to return to clinical medicine as they were incensed by the message (truth) of my lectures and teaching prior to ‘disappearing.’ The only way I was allowed to return to organized medicine to work with medical patients was if I signed a contract drawn up by the public health department which states: 1) I am mentally ill and therefore my research and teachings on vaccine safety were delusional. 2) I am not allowed, whatsoever, to speak or present my research or views on vaccine safety, in public, at all, as a condition of being allowed to return to clinical medicine, receiving a medical license, and for maintaining that license.

At this junction, the contract the Public Health Department has me shackled to (it is like my mind and freedom of will and thought and speech is in prison) states that they can take my medical license away and expel me from the University of College of Medicine for which I am employed by. I am about to break my silence. In order to bring my truth forward, for you, I am once again, taking a form stand. I will ONLY stand for Truth and speak the Truth, so help me God.

Are you Damaged, Dammed and/or DAM MAD? In the Beginning 11:11 – we will start

Am I, Dr Andrew Moulden, Mad… mentally deranged? My answer is “I am who I am. I am a dam mad MD…yes, I am. You should be dam mad to.” Why? I will tell you, through my life, and then you decide who is mad, who is dammed, who can heal, who cannot, and why I am dam mad at the damages from people being dammed by the dammed mad medical (MD) system that dams and silences us all, least of which is myself. We have not Lost Faith; we have transferred faith in God to Faith in the medical system and MD’ (Medical Doctor’s) (George Bernard Shaw quote). As I am a medical Doctor, who was being groomed and positioned to lead all of organized medicine in Canada, I am in a position to tell the truth – I have seen it, lived it, studied it, diagnosed it...and we will cure it ALL, and you, with the Truth. Remember, I ONLY tell the Truth, as you will see and learn. I am mad – you will decide where the mental derangement is, in me, in you, or in the system, men and women we have placed our faith in…blindly

How will I teach you the DAM MAD story – so you can decide truth for yourself?

You can never argue a man or woman out of a belief they have which they did not reason themselves into. You have been taught, since infancy, what is true, what is not. Most of your beliefs you did not find truth yourself. You were TAUGHT what we believe, taking other people’s words as the Gospel truth. How will you decide now, for yourself, what the truth is? You will NOT know truth if you simply accept another being’s truth or arguments. You MUST be able to test what you believe yourself in order to CONCLUDE for yourself, what is true, and what is a lie. I am going to give you the tools and ‘lie-detector’ tests to self discover truth from fiction and will do this through an educational video series – a Mystery – my life, your nightmare, our problem, your answers, by the way, straight way truth – in many things.

As I return to teaching truth, for your health and wellness, I will be creating on on-going video series starting on-line. The truth is free but recognize it is free and invaluable as no price can be placed on your health, the health of those you love, and healing (i.e. curing and preventing disease – all of it).

Each on-line video will be sequentially numbered starting at 11:11…11:12…11:13 and so on, until the ‘story’ of the Hi Way of Truth is told. Telling the truth, learning, will be taught as a story, a Mystery and a thriller of a DAM MAD medical Doctor and you. You will be given tools. You will be taught tests. You will become smarter than the medical doctors. The medical doctors WILL turn to you for YOUR knowledge and help…in time. But this is the story. It is your Story. It is the Straight Story. It is the Straight Way of truth. Harms way. You are in it. IT is in you, it is on you, it is all around you. 1111 ;-).

Dr Moulden began school, in Kindergarten (1969), at J.W. Trusler Public School in North Bay, Ontario, Canada. JW Trusler is at the base of a Large Hill and has Highway 11 (North) and Highway 11 (South), at it’s front doors. Accordingly, and appropriately, as Dr Moulden will start at the beginning. To ‘re-educate us all, including the Medical Doctors, beginning at the ‘Kindergarten’ level, it is back to the beginning…to begin, 11:11 is the foundations we will start with, in learning, in Medicine, in Healing, in Vaccine Safety, in Truth, in Creation (re: Genesis 1:1-11) vs. Evolution. You will find answers, yourself, through the video series coming, by Dr Moulden, on-line – for free. The truth – is always free. It is not owned, but concluded.

Step One:
Addressing the Public Health Department Contract that Prevents me from Public Speaking
On the TRUTH about Vaccine Safety Research – MY research

Freedom of Speech: Freedom of Thought (4)

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is a bill of rights entrenched in the Constitution of Canada.. It forms the first part of the Constitution Act, 1982. The Charter guarantees certain political rights to Canadian citizens and civil rights of everyone in Canada. It is designed to unify Canadians around a set of principles that embody those rights. The Charter was signed into law by Queen Elizabeth II of Canada on April 17, 1982 (along with the rest of the Act). The rights are enforceable by the courts through section 24 of the Charter, which allows courts discretion to award remedies to those whose rights have been denied. Section 32 confirms that the Charter is binding on the federal government, the territories under its authority, and the provincial governments. The rights and freedoms enshrined in the Charter include:

Fundamental freedoms (section 2), namely freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, freedom of thought, freedom of belief, freedom of expression, freedom of speech, presumption of innocence, habeas corpus, freedom of the press and of other media of communication, freedom of peaceful, assembly, and freedom of association. Many of the rights and freedoms that are protected under the Charter, including the rights have their roots in a set of Canadian laws and legal precedents sometimes known as the Implied Bill of Rights. Many of these rights were also included in the Canadian Bill of Rights which the Canadian Parliament enacted in 1960.

Academic Freedom

Academic Freedom commonly means the freedom of professors to teach, research and publish, to criticize and help determine the policies of their institutions, and to address public issues as citizens without fear of institutional penalties. Other meanings include the autonomy of the university in running its internal affairs, and the freedom of students to function within the academic programs they have chosen. The Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) argues that "the common good depends upon the search for truth and its free exposition. Academic freedom is essential to these purposes."

Threats to Academic Freedom

Serious threats to academic freedom have come from those who hold the purse strings - wealthy benefactors, religious bodies, academic institutions, professional bodies, provincial or Federal governments. Governing boards and academic administrators have transmitted such threats, the strongest being the loss of employment, to individuals, or have themselves originated threats. The alleged disloyalty of a professor to the president of an institution or to the ideals it was held to embody has been at the basis of several controversies (1). Threats to the freedom of professors have also come from colleagues or students unwilling to tolerate ideological or methodological diversity.

AUCC: Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada

Canada's university presidents have jointly adopted a new statement on academic freedom, pledging support for the right of faculty members to follow their ideas in teaching and research, without inappropriate interference,

Canada’s universities have adopted a new Statement on Academic Freedom that clarifies the importance and definition of academic freedom on campuses across Canada. The new Statement on Academic Freedom was accepted unanimously by university presidents at the centennial meetings of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada on October 25th, 2011 in Montreal, Canada. It replaces the statement members had agreed to in 1988.

Affirmation of this statement by institution’s is expected to become part of AUCC’s criteria for membership.
The new statement is as follows:

Statement on Academic Freedom (2)

What is academic freedom?

Academic freedom is the freedom to teach and conduct research in an academic environment. Academic freedom is fundamental to the mandate of universities to pursue truth, educate students and disseminate knowledge and understanding.

In teaching, academic freedom is fundamental to the protection of the rights of the teacher to teach and of the student to learn. In research and scholarship, it is critical to advancing knowledge. Academic freedom includes the right to freely communicate knowledge and the results of research and scholarship.

Unlike the broader concept of freedom of speech, academic freedom must be based on institutional integrity, rigorous standards for enquiry and institutional autonomy, which allows universities to set their research and educational priorities.

Why is academic freedom important to Canada?

Academic freedom does not exist for its own sake, but rather for important social purposes. Academic freedom is essential to the role of universities in a democratic society. Universities are committed to the pursuit of truth and its communication to others, including students and the broader community. To do this, faculty must be free to take intellectual risks and tackle controversial subjects in their teaching, research and scholarship.

For Canadians, it is important to know that views expressed by faculty are based on solid research, data and evidence, and that universities are autonomous and responsible institutions committed to the principles of integrity.

The responsibilities of academic freedom

Evidence and truth are the guiding principles for universities and the community of scholars that make up their faculty and students. Thus, academic freedom must be based on reasoned discourse, rigorous extensive research and scholarship, and peer review.

Academic freedom is constrained by the professional standards of the relevant discipline and the responsibility of the institution to organize its academic mission. The insistence on professional standards speaks to the rigor of the enquiry and not to its outcome.

The constraint of institutional requirements recognizes simply that the academic mission, like other work, has to be organized according to institutional needs. This includes the institution’s responsibility to select and appoint faculty and staff, to admit and discipline students, to establish and control curriculum, to make organizational arrangements for the conduct of academic work, to certify completion of a program and to grant degrees.

Roles and responsibilities

University leadership: It is a major responsibility of university governing bodies and senior officers to protect and promote academic freedom. This includes ensuring that funding and other partnerships do not interfere with autonomy in deciding what is studied and how. Canada’s university presidents must play a leadership role in communicating the values around academic freedom to internal and external stakeholders. The university must also defend academic freedom against interpretations that are excessive or too loose, and the claims that may spring from such definitions.

To ensure and protect academic freedom, universities must be autonomous, with their governing bodies committed to integrity and free to act in the institution’s best interests.

Universities must also ensure that the rights and freedoms of others are respected, and that academic freedom is exercised in a reasonable and responsible manner.

Faculty: Faculty must be committed to the highest ethical standards in their teaching and research. They must be free to examine data, question assumptions and be guided by evidence.

Faculty have an equal responsibility to submit their knowledge and claims to rigourous and public review by peers who are experts in the subject matter under consideration and to ground their arguments in the best available evidence.

Faculty members and university leaders have an obligation to ensure that students’ human rights are respected and that they are encouraged to pursue their education according to the principles of academic freedom.

Faculty also share with university leadership the responsibility of ensuring that pressures from funding and other types of partnerships do not unduly influence the intellectual work of the university.


No university, no hospital, no College of Medicine can prevent me from telling the truth – even an inconvenient truth, when well designed and analyzed medical research, MY research, supports the conclusions and truth presented. I will ONLY speak the truth, so help me God, and I am a DAM MAD MD IAM…in truth, about to be spoken

Dr Andrew Moulden BA MA MD, PhD
Dec. 2011

  1. Michiel Horn, "Professors in the Public Eye," History of Education Quarterly 20 (1980).

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Canadian prime Minister served Summons for crimes against humanity by Kevin Annett

NOTE: YOUR teen girls have been sterilized 15-30% - YOUR Governments (UK and USA ..Canada second hand....Planned, paid, developed, implemented, hid, and barred anyone from speaking about what they have done, are doing, did...this info coming) Dr Andrew Moulden MA, MD, PhD on the details of Project Coast - medical sterilization research and implementation in the 21st Century -

What is Going ON? Do not be confused. It is IN YOU to understand.

As this MASS wake up project unfolds, know that what you seek and what you need is IN YOU already. Everyone is asking me for the "SOLUTION" - be that children who are autistic (1 child in 63 in some places; 1 child in 88 other places) to Geriatric patients that are Demented (1 in 15 persons over 65). Faith is something you develop by asking questions and THINKING with that I THINK, therefore I AM you experience between your two ears. THINK. PONDER...PONDER MORE. CONCLUDE. COMMIT. WELCOME. The only hypocrite in this wake up process is the fool. Be wise, it is in you, not foolish - that is in you as well. You will KNOW the truth and the path once you WAKE UP. If you desire to AWAKEN, you can. There are not going to be crazy miracles - the SIGNS are already all around you; FIRST, wake-up, then you will SEE and HEAR as you see and hear already but neither SEE nor HEAR. Once you are awake, your job is to awaken others, not as some frantic incessant babble. You are not some crazed 'Bible Thumper'. You LOVE the TRUTH. The TRUTH comes from ONE - call that ONE, the WAY, GOD, ALLAH. YAHWEH, IAM that IAM..what you will. There is ONLY ONE Truth. ONE Creator. LOVE the TRUTH. LOVE others as you LOVE the TRUTH and YOURSELF. FAITH....IT is in you. The Arrivals video series link below, helpful to understanding what is, what was, what is happening, what will be and IS COMING and HAS ARRIVED and IS ARRIVING in these times which I like to call the DAM ages



Q&M Back to Basics Video Series

... in the beginning - 11:11

11:12... watch for it...



CHRISTIANITY or ISRAELITE Teaching Series with Pastor Dowell

Prayer of Protection: Armor of God

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Love of Allah

The reason why I am able to bring Truth to you, and bring you to truth - with answers and solutions, can be boiled down summarized in the following verses and my life as living these two commandments, because I love our Father AND you as though YOU were me - All that I am, all that I could be, all that I could have taken for myself, I gave, for us, this will not change. However, I am told, some who could have been my neighbors has changed, as time ran out for some of them. Here is an introductory primer of that 1st commandment - LOVE of GOD (ALLAH) - so you can learn how to incorporate this into your life, for one another. Mark 12:30-31
King James Version (KJV)

30And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.

31And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these. (Love of Allah and Introducing Harun Yahya - Adnan Oktar). Dr Andrew Moulden MA, MD, PhD  (click on image below to open the book)

Here is an intro to a Harun Yahya (No superstitions)

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